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The History of The Discovery of The Motorcycle

History of the discovery of a motorcycle 
Classic Berbisik - Motorcycles are one means of transportation that is most widely used in the world. in all countries have this means of transportation. and in Indonesia the motorcycle is still one of the most desirable means of transportation compared with other means of transportation such as cars and others.

But you know how the history of the invention of the motorcycle, or the person who found the motorcycle and the motorcycle when it was first discovered. for those of you who do not know please read this article we will peel more about the history of the discovery of the motorcycle.

People who find Motorcycles
After performing a search and find information from various reliable sources then I can give accurate information about the person who found the motorcycle. There are 3 people who actually recognized by the world and was listed as the inventor of the motorcycle namely, Ernest Michaux of France, Edward Butler of England, and Gottlieb Daimler of Germany.

The origin of the invention of the motorcycle
In 1868 the first motorcycle was designed by Ernest Michaux. when the driving force planned by Ernest Michaux namely steam engines but doing the project is not successful.

Then Edward Butler tried to improve it in 1885. Edward Butler making another vehicle that uses three wheels and is driven by using the motor of a type of internal combustion engine.

Then In 1885 Gottlieb Daimler became the first assembling motorcycles in the world. Gottlieb Daimler using a small-sized engine in a wooden bicycle. The engine is placed between the front and rear wheels and connected by a chain to the rear wheel. Assembled from the first motor bike engined wood was named Reitwagen.

The development of the invention Motorcycle
At that time the motorcycle has not been known by many people. until finally in 1892, Henry Hilderband of Munich, introduced new motorcycle models. And was followed again by Werner Brothers in 1897. The first motorcycle sold to the public was made by the motorcycle factories Hildebrand und Wolfmüller in Munich, Germany in 1893. The motorcycle rear wheel is driven directly by the crankshaft.

In 1895 the first motorcycle into the United States, EJ Pennington, in Milwaukee, demonstrate self-designed motorbike. Ultimately Pennington is regarded as the first to introduce the term motorcycle (motorbike). In the same year, Triumph, a bicycle manufacturer in the UK decided to make motorcycles. and in 1902 it produced the first bike.
ini dia sejarah penemuan sepeda motor

Then in 1903, William S Harley and Arthur Davidson, producing their bikes and motorbikes calling it by the name of Harley Davidson. in World War I. them into a motorcycle factory producing motorcycles that world in a word history of Harley davidson.

While the development of motorcycles in Europe, also caused by World War I and World War II, where motorcycles are made and used for military purposes.

Then in 1952, Honda produced the first motorcycle. due to the popularity of this type motorcycle making companies other Japanese motorcycles such as Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles modeled this type of motorcycle.

In 1893 Motorcycles first entered into Indonesia. until now one of the mainstays of transportation and most widely used by the people of Indonesia.

A few articles titled Here's the history of the invention of the motorcycle hopefully this article useful and can provide more knowledge about the history of the discovery of the motorcycle and whoever the person who found the motorcycle.

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