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History of origin CHOPPER

The development history.

before the advent of the era choppers are present beforehand era "bobbers" which comes from the word "bobbed" or release most of the burden of the motor, in general it is to remove or cut the front and rear fenders with the aim to make the bike becomes lighter and also the motor speed the motor becomes faster and more simple.

Besides the appearance of the motor itself to be more unique and eye cacthing for the bikers, the flow bobbed also is the origin of the stream "minimalist rider" previous example of a bobber is a 1940 indian sport "bob-jobs" that have been present in the show "the art of the motorcycle exhibitions "indian scouts and indian chiefs were present at the time of her with the look extra large fenders front and rear are almost conceals the wheels of his as well as luxurius 1941 indian series 441, while the motor racing only use fenders that little or no fenders at all.
large motor size with full covers completeness always be an inspiration for the modifier in that era to make the bike as a beautiful art for reprocessing or modified.
The bobbed and minimalist inspire the next generation creates flow "cafe racers"
and "choppers" will be a new era of growing and exploring various eras flow sakarang motor modification period.

This is the original display of Harley Davidson. The American Classic 750cc WLC 1943!

as we see the appearance of his big and heavy impression is very visible, on the consideration that was the attempt to remove parts of motor modifier or minimize the existing parts.

and his next below is an example of Harley Davidson Bobber Style.

we can see the difference it is now, there is no front fenders, engine guard bar, and the rear fender is trimmed to a minimum, as well as the exhaust tip in cut.

In the United States at the time of World War II, mechanical home from a war, they start to release part of the motor that is damaged and not used anymore or the part that does not mean at all and has no effect on engine performance such as fenders front and rear, the indicators on / off machine, Spedo meter and even the front brake is also at release.

This is the view of the transition from the era to Bobbers Choppers.

Spring saddle high and large also in the release order for the rider to sit as low as possible to the frame of the motor, and the main one is on the part of its machines are in resetting so engine performance increases extreme, sometimes in the setting for dirt-track and mud-race.
Footrest that were placed at the very front of the footrest standard replaces the extra width, as well as a wide front tires, large headlights, fuel tank and oil tank was replaced with a larger smaller and simple.

Most choppers using paint and colors that are not common and rarely into paint or used as a base color manufacturer, his example is a color "flat black, shiny metallic, metal flake and glamor glitters" be an option for the choppers builder.dan also lately many parts of the motor parts that use "chrome" chrome even be one color option for the motor itself.
Choppers shop, or more commonly called a "chop shop" makes itself a wide range of motorcycle accessories, such as making the handle bars, foot rest, exhaust pipes, fenders fuel tanks, oil tanks and even produce their own limited frame and forks motor has its own characteristics.

The following are examples of some of the motor bobbed chopped era:

we can see the similarity to the motor at the top, namely: high bars / ape bars, front fork length, the front tires are thinner and larger circle, foot rest / step in moving right / in promote future, exhaust pipe is cut / in Longer pairs, also paint / coloring bike more eye catching and different.

With the changes that are very extreme of setting the manufacturer makes choppers quite difficult in control in low speed but very very stable and comfortable at high speed and a certain speed, this is caused by changes in the original frame that fox by the builders, and change the front fork that become longer and higher be one factor in handling the choppers, the back is designed with a rear tire which is very wide and large, but smaller diameter than that at the back is equipped with a backrest that extreme height could even exceed the height of the head of the riders themselves, then part of the driver's seat are designed as low as possible, part of foot rest in pairs more elongated fore and the front motor using "high bars" and the front fork length, the band's front of a small but diameter is very big also the replacement fenders front and rear with more extreme minimalist and also the petrol tank and the oil tank in the fox with a smaller, simple and eccentric force flow choppers made more attractive for its other riders.

Traditional Choppers.

Choppers at the beginning of her birth in the United States mainland, the country that produces Harley Davidson itself.
At the end of World War II soldiers united states motor and its mechanical repair of motor vehicles and cars all over them. At the time the war was over and a lot of motorcycles and cars that are still functioning properly but with the condition of the body or appearance is not good, then the army and his mechanics began to throw parts of motorcycles and cars are damaged and do not interfere with the function of the machine itself , in many parts of the motor front and rear fenders that have been damaged, defective parts saddle, part of front and rear lights are destroyed or lost, the engine guard front section and bekang that rusak.pada that period was the initial idea of ​​the variety of bobbers, minimalist and Choppers many appear, as well as hotrods or also called HOTRODERS. love the soldiers of his motor and the mechanics of the two-wheeled vehicle war or four wheel motors make repairs and the car becomes more attractive even make her a certain satisfaction for them.

soldiers motorists desirous that their motors are lighter and would like to dispel the impression that the war motorcycle dull and heavy weight of his burden.

Initial modification is, minimalist namely: the whole body motor off and replace it with a function that them sufficiently, saddle replaced with a smaller, front fenders and rear in the release, engine guard is not installed anymore because it is considered to add the burden of the motor, exhaust long pipe in pieces and make an indigenous slightly shorter than his front tire replaced with a smaller width and its diameter slightly larger.

Then the subsequent modifications are, bobbers namely: the base is the same as minimalist but stylish this flow back using the front fenders were cut extreme and his functions only as a supplement and sweetener appearance of the front of the motorcycle, in the fenders behind each cut quite extreme and do not work as a barrier to water splashes but functioned as the pillion seat that lined little foam and skin, the intent of cutting fenders it is that part of the front and rear wheel motors appear larger but still mild in kendarai.pada bobbers era is the one appearing many ideas adding his flare automotive world, and by this time was the force flow choppers appear and grow today.

Modif style IKASI further, Choppers are: all parts of the motor changes are significant, especially in the front of the motor, the first on the motor frame that fox-degree angle slope of the front fork, revamped seating position of the rider to be very low, in the fox large diameter rear frame so that the wheels are wide and large can attach it on the back of her.
then at the next fork in the dressing with a longer fork and solid also uses front wheel diameter is quite large but its wide standard, on the handle bars of motor replaced with different types of bars from which extrme high bars to the extreme low bars.
At the headlights no longer use the original lights harley great and eating places, and replaced with custom made light of a more simple and menarik.pada petrol tank replaced with a leaner, smaller and a wide variety of unique shapes, and at the beginning Her regular use of the choppers builder "style teardrops" shaped like a teardrop unique and menarik.pada exhaust pipe section has a characteristic that its unique shape and its extreme length to reach high above the "sissy bars" or backrest lift rear, oil tank placed under the saddle or on the edge with a small enough size but very interesting. The builder usually her on the painting frame and other parts of her always use a color that is very unique and never the same as another motorcycle her, but at that time "stars n stripes" "flame graphic" with a variety of motifs dominate and dominate theme choppers in at that time.

Choppers prioritizes motor performance and character motorists her, on the other hand choppers also have advantages in the performance of the engine, the builders in addition to completely change the motor performance, they are also setting up re-performance of the engine, usually setting standards in doing is replacing parts standard with racing parts, replacing the standard carburetor with racing carburetor compotition or with custom carburetor its more extreme performance, even in this period has been a lot of choppers are equipped with the "NOS" to maximize the performance of their motorcycle engines.
But the style of this genre also has its drawback, namely the motor a little bit difficult in the drive in a low speed in because around the corner and motor parts have changed fairly extreme, and reverse it when they are on the drive in the normal range (60 kmph) or more, this bike is very stable and very comfortable riding choppers posisinya.saat we might we can not turn perfect but, certainly we will look perfect on the bike choppers us.

some Choppers display at this time.

Choppers have a lot of devotees, followers and the audience all over the world, in every country Choppers has a special place in every community of bikers, this is because the choppers builder always trying to look different in each of his years, and without losing its characteristic is.

Stock Bike, Minimalist style, bobber style, Streetfighter style, and Chopper style all have beauty, its own advantages and disadvantages, but has a vision of "live to ride - ride to live"

The History of The Discovery of The Motorcycle

History of the discovery of a motorcycle 
Classic Berbisik - Motorcycles are one means of transportation that is most widely used in the world. in all countries have this means of transportation. and in Indonesia the motorcycle is still one of the most desirable means of transportation compared with other means of transportation such as cars and others.

But you know how the history of the invention of the motorcycle, or the person who found the motorcycle and the motorcycle when it was first discovered. for those of you who do not know please read this article we will peel more about the history of the discovery of the motorcycle.

People who find Motorcycles
After performing a search and find information from various reliable sources then I can give accurate information about the person who found the motorcycle. There are 3 people who actually recognized by the world and was listed as the inventor of the motorcycle namely, Ernest Michaux of France, Edward Butler of England, and Gottlieb Daimler of Germany.

The origin of the invention of the motorcycle
In 1868 the first motorcycle was designed by Ernest Michaux. when the driving force planned by Ernest Michaux namely steam engines but doing the project is not successful.

Then Edward Butler tried to improve it in 1885. Edward Butler making another vehicle that uses three wheels and is driven by using the motor of a type of internal combustion engine.

Then In 1885 Gottlieb Daimler became the first assembling motorcycles in the world. Gottlieb Daimler using a small-sized engine in a wooden bicycle. The engine is placed between the front and rear wheels and connected by a chain to the rear wheel. Assembled from the first motor bike engined wood was named Reitwagen.

The development of the invention Motorcycle
At that time the motorcycle has not been known by many people. until finally in 1892, Henry Hilderband of Munich, introduced new motorcycle models. And was followed again by Werner Brothers in 1897. The first motorcycle sold to the public was made by the motorcycle factories Hildebrand und Wolfm├╝ller in Munich, Germany in 1893. The motorcycle rear wheel is driven directly by the crankshaft.

In 1895 the first motorcycle into the United States, EJ Pennington, in Milwaukee, demonstrate self-designed motorbike. Ultimately Pennington is regarded as the first to introduce the term motorcycle (motorbike). In the same year, Triumph, a bicycle manufacturer in the UK decided to make motorcycles. and in 1902 it produced the first bike.
ini dia sejarah penemuan sepeda motor

Then in 1903, William S Harley and Arthur Davidson, producing their bikes and motorbikes calling it by the name of Harley Davidson. in World War I. them into a motorcycle factory producing motorcycles that world in a word history of Harley davidson.

While the development of motorcycles in Europe, also caused by World War I and World War II, where motorcycles are made and used for military purposes.

Then in 1952, Honda produced the first motorcycle. due to the popularity of this type motorcycle making companies other Japanese motorcycles such as Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles modeled this type of motorcycle.

In 1893 Motorcycles first entered into Indonesia. until now one of the mainstays of transportation and most widely used by the people of Indonesia.

A few articles titled Here's the history of the invention of the motorcycle hopefully this article useful and can provide more knowledge about the history of the discovery of the motorcycle and whoever the person who found the motorcycle.

How do you respond related discussion about he history of the discovery of a motorcycle, what are its advantages and disadvantages. please add input, suggestions, or criticism via the comment form below. your opinion is very significant for the progress of this blog, What about information he history of the invention of the motorcycle above, for the sake of a repair and renewal towards the better. Greetings and thanks for visiting. Hope it is useful